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San José Clinic: Quality, volunteer-Powered Dental Care for Houston’s Uninsured

by Houston Dentistry

For nearly a century, San José Clinic has been the health home for the uninsured of the Greater Houston area. From its humble beginning in 1922, the Clinic has flour- ished into a multi-level healthcare facility, including a state-of-the-art dental department. Today, San José Clinic provides access to preventative and specialty medical and dental care, as well as pharmaceutical, radiology, diagnostic and disease state management services.

Since the Affordable Care Act did not include dental coverage for adults, many were left without care or coverage. Now, San José Clinic is one of the few places the uninsured of Houston can find affordable, quality dental care in a beautiful, modern facility. As a charity care clinic, San José Clinic accepts no government fund- ing or insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. Instead, the Clinic is funded entirely by the generosity of donors, partners, and community funders.

In 2015, with a dental staff of just nine, San José Clinic saw more than 2,300 dental patients providing services including hygiene, fillings, root canals, crowns, extractions, and dentures. All the

“This the best dental experience I’ve ever had. The Clinic is so neat and clean. My smile will be as beautiful as it once was, thanks to the dentists here.”

ISSUE 1 HOUSTON DE_Page_15_Image_0001Clinic can accomplish is made possible by the service of more than 300 dedicated volunteers from throughout the community. These volunteers come to the Clinic through academic affiliates, profes- sional groups, private practices and more. The services San José Clinic and their volunteers provide, which so many of us can take for granted, are truly life-changing for Clinic patients. Take Hana, for instance.

Many years ago, Hana B. received dental care in Colombia while pursuing her higher education. Dental students attempting to repair her chipped tooth shaved it too thinly, leading to a broken tooth that plagued her long after her return to the United States. As the years passed, Hana resorted to repairing the tooth herself, keeping super
glue in her pocket for emergency issues. After discovering San José Clinic on the University of Texas Dental School’s web- site, she walked over to the Clinic and was delighted. “This is the best dental experi- ence I’ve ever had. The Clinic is so neat and clean.” Hana will have the two teeth she has lost replaced at a cost she can afford, all at San José Clinic. “My smile will be as beautiful as it once was, thanks to the [dentists] here.”

Throughout the year, San José Clinic also hosts extended care programs including Give Kids a Smile Day, in collaboration with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry, and Sealant Day, in collaboration with the Greater Houston Dental Hygienists’ Society.

If you are interested in making an incredible difference in the lives and health of our community, you too can join San José Clinic as a volunteer. The Clinic has the capacity to serve more patients, but needs volunteers to join the team to make dental care an affordable reality for more people. Whether you’re a general den- tist, periodontist, prosthodontist, hygienist or dental assistant, San José Clinic needs your help.

For more information on how to get involved, contact our Volunteer Services Department at (713) 228-9413 or email volunteer@sanjoseclinic.org. To learn more about San José Clinic, visit www.sanjoseclinic.org.