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Q & A with National Target Mailing

by Houston Dentistry

Robert Zimbro has been in marketing for 16 years, and founded National Target Mailing 14 years ago. He recently founded www.DentistryPostcards.com to help dentists easily create mailers that reach clients with high-impact print promotions that get measurable results.

National Target Mailing has experienced tremen- dous growth for five years in a row, and is perfectly positioned to help dental clients achieve their own goals. With its 5,200 square foot manufacturing center located in Plano, and state-of-the-art mail- ing software and addressing equipment that saves time and eliminate production headaches, National Target Mailing is ready to serve dentists more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever

Our practice has potential – if only those potential patients out there knew more about it. How do dentists find expert help with marketing?

Robert: At National Target Mailing, we cre- ate marketing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of dentists, and have cre- ated and executed effective, customized mar- keting strategies and materials for thousands of dental practices all over the country. About eight years ago, we started specializing in marketing for dental professionals and today, thanks to referrals from our satisfied clients, dental marketing now constitutes about 90% of our business.

Thanks to that remarkable success, we are more than just a printing service or a bulk mail shop. We know the dental industry and understand the subtle but critical distinctions between different types of dental practices. Whether a practice is based primarily on serv- ing families, cosmetic patients, or Medicaid patients, we can implement a plan to create internal marketing, external marketing and internet marketing campaigns that speak directly to potential patients.

For some practices, growth is a long-term goal, for others there is a genuine need to see appreciable growth quickly. Starting up a new practice can be challenging and demands a solid marketing plan to ensure that growth happens rapidly enough to sustain the busi- ness. A practice that has experienced a short- term downturn may need to boost productivity in order to be profitable. Or, a practice may need to increase patients to bring on an asso- ciate or prepare to sell the practice. Regardless of the specific situation, we can address your needs with a customized plan.


We have been hesitant to get involved with a marketing group. Dentistry is such a unique field, how could a marketing company possibly understand the profession, much less the goals of our unique practice?

Robert: We have private practice dental clients with a single office and large dental practices with multiple locations. Through effective marketing, many of our clients have reached their goals to expand their practice. One client who has worked with us for nine years has grown from a single office to seven offices, another from a single location to 27 locations.
There is a saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” We’ll explore your professional goals, and help you outline a plan to get there. For a new practice, we match their goals with an appropriately aggressive mar- keting campaign. We view our role as a part- ner in growing your business.

We offer a flexible, dynamic and responsive.


How can we make sure our market- ing budget is used wisely?

Robert: We advise dentists to ask questions and become informed when setting out to choose a partner in creating a marketing plan. Too many firms will get a client in the door for a low price and then break the budget with add-ons, or lock clients in to a long-term contract that is carved in stone. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when you comparison shop for mar- keting support.

Our clients enjoy a working relationship with a single team member who provides expert, personal service. Rather than blanketing households with unwanted junk mail created from generic online templates and wasting marketing dollars in the hopes of reaching a few interested individuals, we design custom materials and mailing plans that precisely match the profile of the target audience.

The dental profession is impacted by regula- tions, laws and conventions that are con- stantly changing and evolving. Our familiarity with those requirements helps you avoid costly or marketing pitfalls and common mis- takes. We help our dental clients establish consistent branding across websites and printed materials. Our approach ensures that every dollar of your marketing budget achieves maximum return.


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